7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Sound


7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Sound

Our home is our castle. The place we rest our heads; look after our children; build memories and invest our monies. According to the police, homes without security measures in place are 5 times more likely to be broken into than those with security. Here are seven ways to improve your home security:

1. Electric Gates

Your driveway is the gateway to your home. Not only do electric gates stop unwanted cars turning around in your drive but they also deter criminals. You can choose gates which offer you complete privacy from the roadside; hiding your house and cars from view of the potential burglars. Of course, they can also look fabulous and are much easier to use than standard manual gates.

2. Fencing

Not only does it define the perimeter of your property, but fencing stops unwanted visitors and deters criminals. Fencing options vary depending on your requirements; wood or steel, open or high privacy. A decent installer will advise you according to your needs.

3. Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion activated lighting installed at both the front and back of your house is not only handy for when you come home late and are fumbling about for your key, but a burglar cannot hide in the dark when the driveway is illuminated. Specialists also recommend putting your lighting on a timer when you are away on holiday to give the impression that someone is home.

4. Hide your Car Keys!

Too many of us are guilty of leaving our car keys on the hook next to the front door.

All thieves would have to do is put a coat hanger type device through the letter box and hook them, then drive off with your car! Hide your keys!

5. Bollards

Bollards aren’t only for town centres and airports. Residential bollards are installed behind your car and locked into place; this ensures car thieves cannot move your vehicle even if they have already stolen the keys. These are becoming ever increasingly popular for drivers, particularly if you have classic or expensive vehicles.

6. MLA Licensed Locksmith

Always use a MLA licensed locksmith; they’ve been vetted, they are qualified and they are regularly inspected. Also, every time you get a set of keys copied you are diluting your control. Does the neighbour have a copy of your key? Are they storing it in a secure place? Consider who you give your keys out to.

7. Burglar Alarm System

The most obvious security measure is an alarm system, which scares intruders off with a very loud alarm when the property is entered without entering the correct security code.  

You can also have it set to protect your downstairs at night when you are upstairs asleep. The system can be linked directly to the police or your mobile phone. But don’t forget to regularly change your code and be selective about who you give it out to.

We’re able to help you find a home security specialist; get in touch with us today to start the ball rolling.