A Buyers Guide to Automatic Gates

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Automatic gates can provide a secure and convenient means of entering and exiting a property but before you invest, it is worth looking at all the options before deciding which ones to buy.

Leading UK automatic gate supplier, GateGuote has put together this handy checklist to help you work out the type of gates you think will suit your property.

If you have automatic gates installed already, it may be possible to upgrade existing gates, which means that you can save money on the total installation costs.

Either way, here are the different factors to think about:

1. Automatic Gate Style
The most common and convenient style of installation is that of swinging automatic gates. These swing open and closed like standard gates, and if you already have manual gates installed then this means that there should be room for an automated system installation.

2. Choosing the material for your Automatic Gates
As well as choosing the style of gate system, you will also need to decide whether you prefer wood or metal as the material for your automatic gates.

Wooden gates can offer the greatest privacy, but if you want a highly ornate and decorative finish then wrought iron will be your best option. For the most secure alternative, solid stainless steel versions can be installed. Wooden gates will usually require the most maintenance, and may require replacing sooner than their metal counterparts, but they are the most popular choice for their attractive and natural finish.

3. Automatic Gates systems
A below ground system requires some excavation, and will cost more than an above ground system. However, they are discreet, more difficult to tamper with, and take up less space. They are also considered better looking, because the mechanical and electrical components are concealed underground.

Above ground automatic gates are less expensive, more convenient to install, but require some form of cover or storage, and will be on display at all times.

4. Automatic Gate Safety features
Safety is a consideration with automatic gates and every Gatequote system is installed with this in mind. A variety of sensors can be installed so that the gates will not automatically close on children, pets, visitors, or cars. A backup means of operation is also included as part of the installation, which means that you can still open and close, and otherwise operate the automatic gates, even if the power goes off.

5. Intercoms And Entry Systems for automatic gates
One of the biggest benefits of automatic gates over manual ones is that you can keep unwanted guests out, and keep your family and pets in. However, you don’t want to completely shut the outside world off.

An intercom is the most commonly used of all entry systems, so that when a visitor buzzes, you can decide whether to let them in, and then press a button to open the gate. You may also have your system programmed so that the gates are unlocked at certain times, allowing parcels and the mail to be delivered every day.

How to arrange a survey for automatic gates
Once you have had a chance to think through all the options you will be in a good position to go to the survey stage.

Find your local installer to arrange a survey and determine the most cost effective and efficient gates to meet your needs or contact us for further information.