A Guide to Electric Gate Motors

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The motor is the primary component that enables electric gates to either slide or swing open and closed. Some existing gates can be converted to automatic, through the attachment of a motor, electric locks, keypads and other accessories, but having a gate system built from the ground up is usually the best way to achieve ultimate safety, practicality and reliability.

Security Components for electric gates

Security is usually the main reason behind the purchase of electric gates in the UK, and this is achieved through a strong locking mechanism, usually connected to electronic locks. These locks may use fobs for access, or they can combine keypads and electronic keycards to provide access only to those that have the appropriate security or access level.

Electronic keycards should only be handed to those that are to be granted freedom of access, while keypads can be used to provide entry codes to delivery people and others that require infrequent but important access. The codes can then be changed.

Intercom Systems

Alternatively, you can utilise an intercom entry system. In this type of system, anybody that does not have a fob or keycard can ring through to the house, and those inside can buzz the visitor in. These may not prove practical for deliveries, if all residents of the house are regularly out during working hours, but secure lock boxes and delivery boxes can be incorporated into the perimeter wall or fence to bypass the need to give out codes or to have somebody remain at the house when expecting a delivery.

Electric Gate Motors and Electric Gate Accessories

The electric gate motor should be located on the property side of the gate, and it should be appropriately housed to prevent tampering and access, as well as to ensure that it is kept safe and free from elemental and natural damage. The motor housing needs to be accessible (usually via a secure key) so that the motor can be maintained or changed as required.

Electric gate safety sensors and other safety features

Sensors are included with all professional installations of electric gates worth their money. These sensors, which are usually photocell sensors, create a beam and if the beam is broken it will prevent the gate from closing.  This could potentially prevent cars, children, other people, and pets from becoming trapped. Photocell sensors are just one safety addition that can be made and included, on request, in your electric gate quote.

Replacement electric gate parts

Replacement parts are available, and it is possible to include a maintenance and repair contract as part of the initial purchase, but you should ensure that these are included in your electric gate quote, if you do require them. Everything from motors to electric locks and the electronic keycards and keypads required to operate them can be purchased separately from most leading manufacturers, including BFT Gates. However, professional fitting is the key to ensuring a problem-free installation.

Electric gate parts and accessories

Special security gates is an option which will give you the peace of mind that comes from heightened security and increased  protection of the perimeter of your premises.

A selection of attractive and functional designs, including those made from timber and those made from wrought iron, can be installed on most properties to offer exactly the look, the features, and the design that you are looking for.

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