About Us

Brought to you by BFT Automation, GateQuote is a resource to help home owners and commercial businesses find qualified, safe installers of electric gates and automation solutions. Our UK network of certified engineers install high quality electric gates from wrought iron swing gates to secure commercial access barriers and bollards.

At GateQuote we pride ourselves on offering expert advice and fast response from qualified electric gate installers to meet and exceed your requirements.

About BFT 

Italy is the home of the gate automation industry with over 40 competing automation manufacturers.  Established over 25 years ago in Northern Italy, BFT one of the top four companies in this sector with a worldwide presence and a sales turnover of 100 million Euros.  In 2007, BFT UK took the market leader position and emulating the achievement made in many other markets in the world.

BFT have built a solid reputation for their broad range of high quality hydraulic and electromechanical underground, RAM and articulated arm operators.  In many parts of the world, people refer to a hydraulic underground operator as a ‘sub’, the name of BFT’s hydraulic underground operator range.

BFT’s automation products have been selected and are being used in vast number of high profile sites in the UK including the Queen’s Sandringham estate, the Duke of Westminster’s estate in Cheshire as well as the MOD and British Airways where reliability is absolutely critical.

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