Anti-Terrorism Bollards by Bft

Bft offer a range of bollards from basic fixed and semi-automatic gas bollards for residential settings; to MIRA crash- tested anti-terrorism bollards for sites of national importance.

The XPass Anti-Terrorism Bollards

Sitting at the top of our range; Bft have designed the XPass bollards to protect important sites such as government and historical buildings. They have been tested and certified (crash-tested) by an independent body (HORIBA MIRA) according to standards IWA14-1:2013 V/7200[N3C]/80/90 and PAS 68:2010 7500/50/N2 crash simulated (formerly K12 and K4, single bollard).

MIRA is a global provider of pioneering engineering, research and test services to the automotive, defence, aerospace and rail sectors.

The solid Italian engineering and successful crash testing certificate assures our customers that they are buying exceptional anti-terror products.

Watch the Bollards Stop a 7.5 ton Truck at 50kph!
Bft Crashtest XPass B 275/800 C  
Bft Crashtest XPass B 330/1200

In Case of Emergency
The XPass B has an Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) feature that raises the bollard in 1.5 seconds in the case of an emergency.

More Information

For the full specification of our bollards visit the Bft website.