Benefits of Automatic Gates

How often do you find yourself leaving your driveway gates open because it’s so much easier that way?   If that’s most of the time, then your gates are effectively rendered useless, and your property is left unprotected.

Replacing manual with electric automatic gates will revolutionise your life. They:

Are convenient: Getting in and out of the car to open or close your gates can be a real pain. Automatic gates will open and close in seconds without you having to get out of your vehicle and if you’re wanting  to let visitors in, you can do so from within your home. Most electric gates come with more than one remote control in case you have several vehicles or happen to temporarily misplace one.

Add style: Automatic gates look great and can frame your property really effectively. Wrought iron gates are a really popular and elegant choice, and will add a sense of grandeur to the place. Alternatively, if you would prefer to completely screen your property from onlookers, panelled wooden gates work really well.

Provide reinforced security: Automatic gates feature irreversibly geared motors and can also incorporate a maglock, which make it incredibly difficult for burglars to force them open. As a result, they offer a real deterrent to intruders, protecting you, your family and your valuables.  In addition, because your gates will always be closed when you want them, they will give you peace of mind that children and animals stay safely within the boundaries of your property.

Why choose GateQuote

We use the latest technology to make automatic gates a far more affordable option than you might think. Find out more about the cost of automatic gates.

We also provide sliding and swing electric gates in wood and iron, giving you plenty of choice at various price points.

Robust and durable, GateQuote automatic gates are long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

We can help you to make the best choice for your property and will ensure that your automatic gates are installed with expertise. Contact us today to find out more and arrange a free site visit.