Case Study: Sliding Residential Gate, Mumbles, Swansea

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The Job

Andrew Glen at E-Gates (the gate division of John Glen Installations) was commissioned to install a track & wheel gate at a beautiful residential property in Mumbles, Swansea.


The Brief

The site was originally two properties which were knocked down to create a single larger property with a better view.  The customer required a solution that would protect his private land and restrict his driveway so people couldn’t use it to park or turn around.

Andrew visited the customer to advise them of their options and after looking at all styles available, the customer chose a modern aluminium gate, which was imported from Portugal.  They other key requirements centred around emergency access in the event of a power cut and also giving access to the postman and other pedestrians.

The Solution

The Ares Ultra 24 V sliding gate operator was selected for its intensive use, leaf weight of up to 1500 Kg at a speed of up to 9 metres per minute as well as its inbuilt obstacle detection technology. 
The customer wanted to ensure that they had a future proof system, giving them the option of adding additional features in the future such as ground loops or timers which is another reason for deciding on the Ares Ultra. 

For access control, Andrew decided on a Videx GSM intercom as well as BFT’s Mitto fobs. 

The customer now has control over the access to his property with a stunning safe, electric gate.