Safe & Reliable Electric Gates for London Properties

At GateQuote, we’re passionate about helping home owners and commercial property managers in London find safe and reliable electric gates.

As part of the BFT group, we have built strong relationships with London based electric and automatic gate installers to equip properties with industry leading access solutions.

Why Invest in Electric Gates for My London Property?

Electric gates, also known as automatic or powered gates, are a much more convenient way to access your property than manual gates. But there are many other benefits to be aware of.

Crime is a problem in all cities and London is no exception. Often used to guard properties, they will help keep vehicles safe, protect parking and avoid unwanted visitors.

Did you know that adding electric gates can add to the value of your London property? In addition, many home insurance companies offer a discounted premium for homes and commercial properties that have electric gates installed.

What Type Electric Gates are Right for My Property?

London is a diverse city and with it, comes different types of property. From compact high-rise flats in Croydon, to modest terraces in Balham, glossy top-floor penthouses in Canary Wharf, regal three story townhouses in Westminster and luxury mansions in Belgravia Square.

Depending on the size, shape and geography of your London property entrance, you have three options:

Swinging gates are ideal for property owners with the luxury of additional entrance space and level ground.

Sliding gates have proven to a commercial property favourite, but are still widely popular with homeowners. These are the perfect solution if your London property has limited space to accommodate electric swing gates.

Bi-parting swinging and sliding gates are the ideal option for more complex entrances to help get around slopes and uneven ground.

Need some more advice to help you choose the right electric gate for your London property? Take a look at our blog section or speak to an expert today on 0800 810 0965.

       Electric wooden gates in London

Where to Find Reputable Electric Gate & Automatic Gate Installers in London

A good automatic gate installer will listen to your requirements and help you decide exactly what you need within your budget.

So to help make the process of finding an electric gate installer in London much easier, we’ve selected three highly recommended London-based installers who are on hand to help meet your requirements. 

B.E.C Perimeter Security Ltd

Installers of Automatic Gates & Barriers, Bollards, Security, CCTV, Parking Systems and Fencing.

Areas Served: London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey.

Contact: Gary Barrs
Tel: 0208 965 4178

Eagle Automation

Installation of: Automatic Electric Gates & Barriers, Bollards, Security, CCTV, Parking Systems, Automatic doors & Fencing

Areas Served: Central London, South London, South East London

Contact: David Ashby
Tel: +44 (0)1992 524 800


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Jennifer Perfect, Home Group.

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