Gate Safety Week - Safe Gates Saves Lives

BFT Automation and GateQuote is supporting Gate Safety Week 2016 as we join the rest of the industry to share the message that 'Safe Gates Save Lives'.

So far 5 adults and 3 children have tragically lost their lives because of unsafe gates. Unless our industry improves education via training, this number is likely to increase.

What is Gate Safety Week?

Created by the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) Powered Gate Group, Gate Safety Week was set up to generate awareness of poorly installed and maintained powered and electric gates. The week of awareness takes place from 10th October to 16th October 2016.

As an aim to inform and educate professional installers and the general public, Gate Safety Week also offer free advice on how to spot and report unsafe electric gates.

We’ve talked to some of the Bft team to see what they think about the importance of gate safety and Gate Safety Week.

What the BFT Team Have to Say About Gate Safety Week


"At Bft our mission is to develop ahead solutions to foster people empowerment: we are not talking about business only, but we are mainly talking about people care.
Safety is a core concept at the heart of Bft product development, because people are in our hearts."

Fabio Billo, CEO of Bft S.p.A

“Bft treat health and safety with the utmost importance.  We believe every effort should be made to ensure all aspects of gate installation are undertaken safely and correctly.  We pride ourselves in always keeping up to date with meeting health and safety standards and are proud to support the DHF in raising awareness on this subject and promoting Gate Safety Week.”

Kevin Spinks, Managing Director, BFT Automation 

“The DHF, in our opinion, have done a great job in beginning the task of bringing some regulation to the industry. Meaning end users can feel that they are not only getting their entrance secured but it is also safe to use too."

Roy Kennedy, Sales Manager, BFT Automation

“The DHF have been instrumental in providing safety regulations to the gate industry. Supporting installers has enabled End users to feel both safe and secure from their implementations.”

Mark Luker, Area Sales Manager, BFT Automation

“Gate safety is an important and often overlooked aspect of an automatic gate installation.  Apart from the obvious necessity of providing a safe gate system, it also provides an insight into the priorities of the installation company.  If an installation company is prepared to compromise on the safety of the gate system; what else will they be prepared to compromise on? It is often the case that an unsafe gate system is also a poorly considered, designed and installed system.  The approach a gate installation company takes towards safety is therefore a demonstration of the professionalism of the installation company.  The DHF has held a central role in promoting both the safety of gate installations but also the professional nature of the industry, driving the standards of the industry up through its adoption and promotion of best practises.” 

James Pearce, Area Sales Manager, BFT Automation

“Being new to the industry, I have quickly learnt the huge importance of gate safety. It’s shocking to see that 2/3 of gate installations are deemed unsafe, which is why Bft is continuing to spread the word about gate safety to everyone in our industry and end users. Only by working together are we going to improve the standards of gate safety in the UK and Ireland.”

Emily Thompson, Marketing Manager, BFT Automation

“The installation of safe gates is one of our main focuses. We pride ourselves on educating our customers through training and supplying the correct equipment to ensure safe standards are met. Bft fully supports the DHF and gate safety week”

Dan Robinson, Technical Support & Training, BFT Automation

"In Ireland the topic of Gate Safety has been widely ignored for too long. It is unfortunate that a number of gate related fatalities have occurred in Ireland before people gave the topic the attention it deserves.  We at Bft have always campaigned for Gate Safety; as our business has grown, so too has the volume of trusted installers, all of which are aware of their responsibilities and standards they must follow.  We are always available to answer enquiries from our customers and their customers also, to provide them with the relevant information to allow them to make informed decisions.  As such, Bft are now regarded as the GO TO supplier for safety solutions.  The work of the DHF and the HSE has been key to raising awareness and generally raising the standard within the industry.  The market specific materials and training are fundamental to educating all parties involved in powered gates."

Martin McCracken, Branch Manager, BFT Ireland