GateQuote Offers Newest Remote Electric Gate Opening from Your Mobile

GateQuote customers will now be able to open their electric gates via mobile phone, thanks to the new GSM mobile gate entry system – the latest high-tech, flexible alternative to remote fobs and keypad entry systems.

Electric gates offer a convenient means of providing greater security and safety to the homeowner and their family and there are a range of opening options to choose from, to suit individual circumstances.

Here we take a look at the different options to help you decide which aspects are most important to you.

Traditional opening methods for electric gates

A keypad system, or remote entry fobs, have traditionally been used to provide a means of entry, with intercoms providing communication between visitor and homeowner.

The same keypads can also be used to gain entry when returning home, whilst a separate fob or remote can be used when approaching the gates.

Intercom systems require that somebody has to be at home, in order to open the gate and let visitors in. However, homeowners can get round this if they think ahead. Delivery drivers or contractors can be given authorised access by giving them access codes.

Fobs can be lost or left at home by mistake, in which case gates can still be manually opened or opened by someone else in the home.

How Videx GSM mobile phone remote electric gate opening works

Rather than having to ensure somebody is home to answer delivery calls, missing visitors that call at the house, or fumbling around for the remote fob in glove boxes and handbags, users can simply text or call the gate to have it open or close.

Mobile Access

With Videx GSM, home owners can text or call the security system, which automatically opens or closes the gates – ideal if you’re at work, but need to let somebody into the house.

It  means that you don’t have to worry about leaving gates open all day, and you don’t need to provide access codes or fobs to everybody that needs access.

Mobile Intercom Entry Systems

What’s more, the Videx entry system intercom can be directly connected to a mobile phone. This means that:

A) guests can connect directly to you, whether you are at home or not, and you can use the keypad on your phone to decide whether to open the gate or not.

B) Up to 50 numbers can be programmed into the system, enabling you to use your landline as well as providing mobile phone contact for any householder.

Additional Features

Additional features can also be included in your mobile electric gate access system.

Proximity entry can be set, so that the gate opens when a SIM card or fob is within a short distance of the gate.

Access codes can still be used, so that you have a means of getting into your own property at all times.

Intercom systems can also incorporate video functionality.

Some systems allow up to 50 numbers to be programmed and used

Include remote mobile opening in your Electric Gate Quote

The Videx GSM system provides the 21st century solution to electric gate opening and is more affordable than you might think.

Contact us today to request a free electric gate quote and ask for the new Videx GSM mobile entry system to be included to enjoy total functionality and complete convenience.