How Electric Gates Can Make your Home More Safe & Secure

When looking at ways to increase your security and safety in the home, it is worth reviewing your gates and fences as these are the first line of defence for protecting against unwanted visitors.


How electric gates can help

Electric gates represent one significant way you can improve your business or home security by:

Providing controlled access to a home.

Deterring burglars and thieves.

Keeping one’s family and pets safe.

Barring cold call visitors.

And, because they offer all these benefits, they also represent a good investment by increasing the value of your property

Examples of increased home security and safety:

A homeowner with electric gates does not need to leave the house or their car to open/close the gate. This is not only convenient for the homeowner but also increases their safety.

A common trick used by thieves and carjackers is to wait for people at their gates so as to attack them while they are operating the gate. Being able to control the gates remotely means that the homeowner can determine whether to let someone in or not from a safe distance when coupled with an intercom or security camera.

Because electric gates typically close themselves automatically after they are opened and one has left, it means the gates will not be left open accidentally. This will effectively bar entry into one’s home and keep children and pets from wandering outside, on a busy road or out of sight.

Additional security options available from electric gate installers:

Electric gates are best used in combination with other security features to create a full security system.

However solid and imposing they are, electric gates cannot in themselves guarantee a completely secure environment.  So, professional electric gate installers usually offer a range of additional optional features to boost security.  These include electric locks (to boost the locking effectiveness of the gate motors), cctv security cameras and electronic keycards and keypads.

We recommend working with experienced and professional electric gate installers to ensure you achieve the optimum home security option for you.

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