The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Gates

Electric gates offer security and convenience, can be programmed to allow free entry during certain times, and come with a range of failsafe mechanisms and systems to ensure that you won’t get locked in or out, even during a power cut. Despite their benefits, the cost of electric gates, including the remote fobs and intercom entry system, may be lower than you expect.

1. What is the typical cost of electric gates?

The cost of electric gates will vary according to many factors. The type of gate you have, the size of the entry point that you are securing, whether you want an intercom and automatic opening settings, and whether you purchase a maintenance pack will have a direct impact on the final cost of electric gates, but a typical installation will cost between £4,000 and £20,000.

2. Is metal or wood better?

Both metal and wood electric gates can provide a secure and good looking entry point. Wood is considered more traditional and rustic but will require more maintenance, while metal gates are easier to maintain and usually cost less than their wood counterparts.

3. Is planning permission required?

Replacing existing gates means that planning permission should not be required, but it may be required for new installations. You should check with your local authority to determine whether you will need planning permission.

4. Do the gates need power?

All electric gates require power and your gate installers will determine the best means of delivering that power for you. A standard supply should prove adequate, and connecting the gates to the mains should normally be included in the overall cost of electric gates.

5. How do visitors get in?

It is possible to have an intercom or other form of entry system added. Gates can also be programmed so that they can be opened by anybody during certain hours of the day – for example, when the postman or delivery services are expected.

6. What if there is a fault with the system?

A manual override is included in every installation, so that if there is a fault you will not be stuck inside or outside the main gates to your property. Some systems will automatically switch to manual entry if a fault is detected.

7. What if there’s a power cut?

A system can be set to manual operation if a power cut is detected, and a manual entry system can be installed to ensure that you are never stuck without being able to gain entry or exit.

8. What are the maintenance costs of electric gates?

The cost of maintenance for electric gates depends on the type of system, and whether you buy a maintenance package in advance or pay for regular repairs. It may also be necessary to buy replacement parts, but annual maintenance should not cost more than £100 to £200 except in exceptional circumstances.

9. How far away will the electric gate controls work?

The range offered by gate controls is typically anywhere between 30m and 80m.  Typically, this distance ensures that you can open and close the gates as you approach, and whilst you are inside the driveway perimeter.

10. Can I install electric gates myself?

It is possible to buy off-the-shelf electric gates, and because you don’t pay for installation, this will cut the cost of your electric gates. However, it is recommended that you use a professional service to ensure a hassle-free, quality and warranted installation.

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