The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining your Electric Gates


The automatic gate industry has changed significantly over the past decade. Previously, remote control electric gates were considered a luxury item, with only the wealthy able to afford it. However, that is not the case anymore as technology and electronics are now so accessible, and part of our everyday lives. Not to mention that security and safety is a major concern, with people entertaining all routes to ensure a safe and happy home.

If you have opted for an electric gate, it’s important to maintain it to ensure you prolong their longevity, and of course to maintain their safety. Here we take a look at how:

Wooden / Timber Gates

Wooden gates are a very popular choice. They blend in with both modern and vintage properties nicely. Also providing a fantastic addition to your driveway, but it’s vital that they must be protected.

Wind, rain, snow and sunlight can all affect the wood and leave your gates looking tired. Firstly, they require sanding to give you an even surface to work with. Then you need to decide between a variety of finishes; oil, stain or painted. Your local hardware store should have many different types to choose from. Then use a layer of appropriate undercoat, to ensure an excellent finish. It is then advised to apply at least two top coats of your final finish.

This may need to be done twice a year to keep your gates looking fantastic.

Wrought and Cast Iron Gates

Metal gates can provide an elegant and stately appearance to your home or building.

Water and oxygen are the enemy to our iron gates, as together they cause oxidisation, otherwise known as rust. Moisture can become trapped by flaking paint preventing the surface from drying out, leading to corrosion. To avoid this, you need to protect your gates.

Cleaning and preparing metal surfaces properly before painting is absolutely crucial to avoid deterioration and corrosion. Any paint used will only be as good as the surface beneath.

After you have prepared your gates, it’s time to add the primer. This is a base-coat that ensures the final finish of the gates is perfect. Use two coats of quality iron paint, which can be easily found in your local hardware store.

To maintain your gates, clean them regularly and don’t forget to inspect for rust.

Maintaining your Powered Gates

Whatever your gates are made from, the motors that drive them need to be maintained by a professional to ensure they last for many years to come.

We recommend finding an electric gate installer to service your gates regularly. Don’t forget we can help you find a good installer local to you.

A typical servicing of powered gates usually includes:

  • Lubrication of all motor parts and gate hinges.

  • Cleaning of motors, safety photocells and all other accessories.

  • Thorough check of all electrical connections.

  • Cleanse and inspection all hardware, fixings and welded areas.

  • Refresh of the seals on panels, boards and motors to prevent water (or slugs) damaging the motors.

  • Cleanse and lubrication of manual release mechanisms.

  • Full safety checking to ensure that your gates continue to meet the safety standards.

  • Inspection and adjustment of any settings that you may request changing.


If you want a professional to offer advice or to quote for new gates, we can help you. Simply fill out the form below and we will put you in touch with someone to help.