Top Tips for Buying Electric Gates

Electric gates are convenient, can provide increased security and safety, and they can give property exterior a more exclusive look. There are numerous options open to the buyer, including the choice of sliding or swinging, a selection of metal or wood gates, and a variety of safety, sensor, and operational configurations. While greater choice does require greater care to ensure that you get the entry system that best fits your needs, it also means that you can enjoy an electric gate system that is ideal for your requirements.

Here are our top six tips to follow when buying electric gates:

1. Match The Electric Gate System To You Driveway Space

Driveways and property perimeters come in different sizes and shapes, and while a sliding door may be the best option for one home, a swinging door may be better for your space. If you have no wall or fence space at the side of the gates then you will need a swinging gate, but if you are limited for drive space, then this may not be an option so check with the electric gate contractors to be certain that you choose the most appropriate.

2. Ensure You Include A Manual Override

There are a number of options, when it comes to gate entry, and one that should never be overlooked is that of a manual override. Power cuts may be rare, but they can occur, and you as well as any visitors will need a manual override in these instances. There is a good variety of different manual override options to choose from, providing additional gate security and convenience.

3. Choose A Material That Matches Your Property Exterior

Consider your existing fences and walls, as well as the exterior of the property itself, in order to decide whether you want metal or wood. Typically, if you have a metal fence then you will want a metal gate, but if you have wooden fencing then your new electric gate system could look equally as appealing in either material.

4. Consider Whether You Need An Intercom Entry System

You will usually have remote fobs that will allow you to open the gate as you arrive home, but you will also need a means of opening the gate for visitors. An intercom entry system with video and audio enables you to be able to determine who is at the gate and allow entry through the gate without having to leave the comfort of your home. Advanced systems can add a substantial amount to the cost of electric gates. Do you need this option, or would something more basic suffice?

5. Don’t Forget Deliveries

Another option to consider is that of a free entry time. Essentially, this means automatically unlocking the gate at specific times during the day, so you can leave it unlocked when deliveries are commonly made or at any other time. If your electric gate system has this capability, ensure that you know how to change, remove, or extend these entry times.

6. Ensure Your Quote Is All Inclusive

Different electric gate contractors offer a different level of service, and use different systems and materials. Ensure that you know exactly what a quote includes, and that the quote includes everything from digging the hole for the mechanism to painting the gate the colour that you want.

A basic electric gate system can start from £4,000, but more complex and customised systems can cost up to £20,000 so choosing the best quote is important.

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