Why Do I Need Electric Gates?

Many of us spend money on keeping our homes looking nice without thinking too much about how secure they are. One of the main reasons people install automatic gates is to improve their home’s or business’ security levels. And in addition to securing your property, electric gates can bring added convenience and style.

The security benefits

Automated gates contain irreversibly geared motors, so it is extremely difficult for intruders to force them open. Some gates also contain a maglock – an electromagnet that can exert a force of 500kg or more – for added security. In some cases, spikes are added along the top of the gates to make them almost impossible to climb over. Often, just the sight of electric gates is enough of a deterrent to thieves or trespassers to even consider trying to access your property.

The convenience benefits

If you have manual gates, you will have experienced the irritation of having to get in and exit your vehicle every time you want to open gates when entering or leaving your property. With automated gates, you can open them as you approach. Whatever the weather, you will be able to sail in and out of your driveway without a hair out of place. This is also the case if you have several cars, as multiple remote controls can be issued.

The aesthetic benefits

As well as being secure, sturdy and convenient, automated gates can be really attractive. They come in various styles and materials to suit different tastes and can really add a touch of grandeur to your home. They may even add value to your property, an excellent benefit if you ever decide to sell up and move on.

Where can I buy my electric gates?

If you are interested in installing automated gates, GateQuote is a long-established specialist automated gate company which uses the very best materials and employs highly trained staff so that you can be sure your electric gates will perform well and will last many years. If you are interested in hearing more about electric gate prices, call one of our technicians today. Various electric gate prices and a comprehensive quote will be provided free of charge and with no obligation to buy.

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