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Driveway Gates

Keep Your Home Safe With Electric Driveway Gates

Has your home has been targeted by thieves in the past or you’re afraid that it might become a potential target? Or maybe you have manual gates at the moment and simply can’t be bothered to keep getting in and out of the door to open and close them. If either applies, electric driveway gates could be the way forward.

The advantages of electric gates for driveways

• Deter cold callers

• Keep burglars and intruders at bay

• Make you feel more secure whether you are at home or elsewhere

• Allow you to open and close your gates at the touch of button

• Prevent anyone from seeing into your property

• Enable you to carefully screen visitors

• Protect children and pets who might otherwise escape if your manual gates were left open

• Add value to your home

How to choosing the right electric gate for your drive

When deciding on the best electric driveway gates for you, you will need to think about:

• Whether you would prefer wrought iron gates which tend to be cheaper and are aesthetically appealing, or wooden gates which offer a higher level of privacy.

• What type of motor you would like to operate the gates.  Various options are available including underground motors, sliding gate motors and above ground motors.  The latter use either an articulated arm or RAM will win out could be an alternative option.

• Which type of entry system would work best for you. Maybe you want to hear your visitor’s voice before opening the door or perhaps you would prefer a video-operated intercom so you know exactly who is coming in and out of your electric driveway gates.

Why contact GateQuote for driveway electric gates

BFT crafted driveway gates are available in various materials and designs to meet individual preferences in level of security and taste. GateQuote will put you in touch with a certified local installer to help you find the right driveway gates.

Our experts will also help you choose which electric gates best suited to your specific needs and will only recommended reputable installers in your local area.

Contact us today for more information on electric driveway gates and receive a free no-obligation quote.