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Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates are an excellent addition to any driveway, whether you wish to incorporate them at your own home or at your business property.

Whether electric or fully automated, sliding gates make your property more secure, are visually appealing, and make it easier to enter and leave the premises.

The Advantages of Sliding Electric Gates

Less space required: They are the perfect solution if you do not have enough space or level enough ground to located the gate where it can swing open and closed. You will not need as much open space as you would with an electric swing gate.

Added convenience: Fed up of getting out of your car to open and close your gates? With electric sliding driveway gates, you will be able to do so from inside your home or car at the touch of a button.

Increased security: You will make it much harder for intruders to access your property, keeping you, your building and your possessions safer. The more impenetrable your home or office appears, the less likely unwanted visitors will be to target it.

Aesthetic appeal: Electric and fully automated sliding gates will help make your home look really smart and exclusive. The added security and aesthetic appeal may even add value to your home.

A more affordable option than you think: While electric sliding gates were reserved for the rich and famous because of their high price tags, advances in technology have brought prices down significantly in recent years, making them more affordable than ever.