How does GateQuote work?

GateQuote is supplied by BFT who are a leading manufacturer of access automation. We work with installers around the globe who install electric gates, barriers, bollards and parking systems for both homes and commercial buildings.

We will contact 2-3 installers according to your postcode, who will then contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange to visit your property, if you wish.

If you prefer, you can ring us on 0800 810 0965.

Who are BFT?

BFT Automation has been creating innovative access solutions in residential and commercial buildings for over 30 years.

It is an internationally known Italian engineering brand, with 11 branches, 3 representative offices and over 500 distributors in more than 120 countries around the globe.

BFT doesn’t sell directly to home and business owners, only to installers of access automation. For more information visit the BFT site.

How do I find a reputable installer?

There are many installers of gate automation in the UK; from electricians to general builders, security firms and access specialists. Manufacturers such as BFT can give you details of the installers that they work with, but it is always a good idea to check the recommendations of a supplier before selecting ones.

1. Ask a manufacturer such as BFT for installers near you.

2. Get quotes from 2-3 installers.

3. Search the Internet for reviews.

Does GateQuote install gates?

GateQuote is a free service run by BFT who manufacture access automation (gates, bollards, barriers, parking systems and doors) for installers. As a customer you then hire the installer who will fit the gates and automation for you. GateGuote do not install gates.

How much do automatic gates cost?

The cost of automatic gates varies greatly depending on your requirements and budget. This can be anywhere from £4,000 in residential properties to over £20,000 for industrial installations. Enquire today and we will get a local installer to quote for you.

What happens to my details?

When you complete the enquiry form, your details will be passed to 2-3 installers depending on your postcode. The installers will then be responsible for contacting you to arrange a quote. BFT store your details in order to monitor which installers your details have been sent to. We will not sell your data.

Can I buy access automation equipment from BFT directly?

BFT only sell to installers and never to homeowners. Automation equipment needs to be installed by a professional; we do not advise installation by anyone who is not qualified. As a homeowner wanting electric gates, you cannot buy directly from BFT.