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Automatic Gate

Automatic gates (also known as electric gates) will open and close in seconds without you having to get out of your vehicle and if you’re wanting  to let visitors in, you can do so from within your home. Most electric gates come with more than one remote control in case you have several vehicles or happen to temporarily misplace one.

BFT Gates

BFT gates are long-established manufacturers of electric gates and can advise you on all aspects of gates and their installation.  Click here to see the full range of bft gates.

Driveway Gates Electric

Positioning Electric gates at your driveway entrance will offer increased privacy and security as well as a highly convenient way of opening your gates.

Electric Gate

An electric gate opens and closes at the push of a button, powered by electricity.  These day electric gates are available in a wide variety of styles, from driveway gates, slidiing gates, automatic, remote control and swing gates.

Electric Locks

Electric locks can be incorporated into electric gate installations to boost the locking effectiveness of the gate motors.

Electric Sliding Gate

Electric sliding gates require less space compared to swing gates. Perfect for people with less space for a gate, but still wish to have an electric gate.

Electric Swing Gate

Ideal for people with enough space for both gate leaves to swing into. Swing gates are not suitable for driveways that have a steep slope, as the higher ground will prevent it from opening. They are also typically less expensive to install too.

Electronic Keycards

Electronic keycards allow you access through your gates. Swiping the card will open your gate or scanning etc.

Gate Installers

We would always recommend using a professional electric gate installer to fit your desired gate.  We work with tried and tested local expert gate installers across the country .  Click here to find your local installer.

Gate Motors

Every electric gate will have a motor to operate the opening  and closing of  the gate.

Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors are still the preferred choice for large and heavy gates as they can generate high levels of torque.


Keypads can be provided with electric gate installations allowing you to control access by a password or code typed into the keypad.

Metal Electric Gate

Metal electric gates come in a wide range of designs. Some home owners opt for a simple, straightforward design and others opt for gates made up with the name of their property embedded in the gate design, almost anything is possible.

Traffic Access Barriers

Traffic access barriers are available to different opening speed and boom length specifications.  Click here for more information on bft traffic access barriers.

Traffic Rising Bollards

Traffic rising bollards offer an alternative solution to controlling movement of vehicles as well as protecting high value spaces. The have the benefit of controlling traffic but enabling pedestrians and cyclists to easily navigate through the entrance. Traffic rising bollards can either be controlled by using remote key fobs (or transmitters) or can also be automatically triggered using ground loops.

Wooden Electric Gate

Wooden electric gates offer a natural looking, solid and robust entrance. A close boarded wooden electric gate will provide complete security for your property.  Wooden gates do require more maintenance than wrought iron gates but if they have been well constructed, protected and maintained should provide many years of trouble free service.