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Remote Control Gates

Some people are reluctant to install electric remote control gates because they worry that something will go wrong with the motor or that they will deteriorate in some way. However, electric driveway gates are extremely reliable and convenient, as well as offering a high level of security.

What are the benefits of remote control electric gates?

You will derive various benefits from installing remote control gates, including:

•Controlled access to your property, allowing you to screen callers and only permit welcome guests to enter. A remote control device inside your property will allow you to open your electric driveway gates from the comfort of your own home.

•Ease of use, making it possible to open and close your gates using your remote control from inside your vehicle rather than getting in and out each time. You may need several remote controls if you have more than one vehicle or would simply like a spare.

•Increased security, keeping unwanted visitors out, while also keeping children and pets in.

• Improved appearance, giving your property a more exclusive look and feel.

•Longevity, provided they are regularly maintained. UK electric gates can last decades if they are serviced around once a year. Regular maintenance will also make your electric driveway gates very unlikely to break down or become less efficient.