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Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards

At GateQuote we recommend high quality, reputable and professional installers of stainless steel fixed bollards. We take security seriously and believe that all commercial businesses deserve a safe and secure vehicle access solution.

Our network of installers will offer the BFT range of Ranch fixed bollards. Made from durable stainless steel, the Ranch fixed bollards from BFT are perfect for various accesses applications. This includes vehicle parking and traffic access control. Bolted to the ground, they block vehicle access to roads and premises to offer protection for private premises.

BFT’s various models of fixed bollards are available in various heights, widths and capabilities. The entire range of BFT Ranch static bollards comes complete with a powder painted reflective coating for a premium, stainless steel finish. In addition, Ranch static bollards are available with an LED light crown for clear visibility.

Find a local installer of stainless steel fixed bollards

We only recommend reliable and trustworthy installers of BFT powered stainless steel static bollards. Our team of experts at GateQuote are on hand to find a local installer to meet your commercial access and security requirements.