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What Does an Architectural Ironmonger Do?

Many people don’t realise that several bespoke metal products don’t come from factories but come from specialised artisan shops. While you can buy generic-looking, mass-produced items from catalogues and brochures, if you wish to make your property stand out in the neighbourhood, you might want to hire someone who can provide excellent results that suit your personality. Ironmongers can provide homeowners with quality iron products, which accentuate a space with a certain flair that’s uncommon.

Some people would equate an ironmonger with a blacksmith, and they’re pretty similar. They’re both artisans who manufacture metal products. An ironmonger, however, specialises in manufacturing products for the construction of buildings and other structures. Through the years, ironmongers have learned to work with different materials such as brass, aluminium, steel, and plastic.

An architectural ironmonger is another breed of this specialised craft as they focus on producing items that ensure the aesthetic consistency of products used in a particular structure. If you’re looking for contractors who can provide bespoke designs and have years of extensive experience in restoration, refurbishment, and manufacture, you can check out They can help you replace crittall windows and doors and provide a certain flair to your automatic gates and other building accessories.

Here are some of the things that an architectural ironmonger can do.

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Doors and windows 

If you want your homes and buildings to stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood, you may ask an ironmonger to create bespoke designs for you. They can come up with the right designs that suit your style. In addition, they can accentuate door frames and window casings easily, allowing your property to look much better than the others.

Door hinges and locks

If you’re the one for minute details, you can even ask ironmongers to craft one-off door hinges and locks that will set your property apart. You can ask them to create them in brass, iron or steel and respect your design. Such minutiae will make your property pleasing, and it might also increase its value.


Another product that an ironmonger can quickly provide homeowners is bespoke door viewers. If you want a distinctive door viewer, you can ask them to incorporate your design into the product. Perhaps you would like to have simple geometric shapes or a more complex design to showcase the viewer mechanism.


Most people don’t appreciate doors slamming shut. If you’re one of them, you can incorporate your aesthetics into a doorstop that you can wedge under the door or install to connect the door and the wall. Again, people may not immediately notice this minute detail, but it does help complete your aesthetics.

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Cabinet handles 

If you don’t want generic cabinet handles, you can ask them to create something intricate to help make them an attention-grabbing feature of your cabinetry. These custom details add not only flair but a certain charm.


Most people don’t realise that they can turn to an architectural ironmonger to produce bespoke features for their homes and buildings. These artisans can help create a certain level of charm that suits your personality and increases your property’s value.