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Wooden Electric Gates

If you’re looking for sophisticated and elegant electric wooden gates for your driveway, look not further than our network of certified installers. 

Powered by BFT technology, electric wooden driveway gates provide first class convenience and security for residential and commercial properties across the UK.

There are a wide variety of different gate styles with ample scope to provide a totally unique design. Generally, electric wooden gates are constructed from the many different types of hardwoods such as Iroko, Oak and Teak. Some people have chosen to have their gates made out of a softwood such as spruce, pine or fir to reduce the material cost of their gate project.

Your Options for Electric & Automatic Wooden Gates

Most wooden electric gates are constructed as swing gates, with either a single or a double gate leaf. Typically the gate leaves swing into the property, although it is possible to swing the gates away from the property, sometimes this is not possible as it could obstruct the public highway.

If space is at a minimum at the front of your property or if your driveway is on an upward incline, sliding gates may well be the better option for your property.

Why Choose Wooden Electric Gates for Your Driveway?

Home and commercial property owners looking for a more natural, solid and robust entrance to their property often prefer wooden electric gates. 

Wooden gates do require more maintenance than wrought iron gates. There is always the risk of them warping or the wood splitting due to the nature of the material and the impact of the weather. However any electric wooden gates for driveways that has been well constructed, protected and maintained should provide many years of trouble free service.

For a free no-obligation quote on electric or fully automatic wooden gates, or to find a local certified installer, contact GateQuote today.